Sea Moss (also known as Chondrus crispus or Irish moss) is a red spiny algae that has gained great popularity over the last year, and for good reason! Sea moss is quite the superfood, as it contains 92 of the102 minerals we need to thrive.

In addition it helps support a healthy heart, immune system, digestion, metabolism, thyroid, skin, hair, nails and even libido! Sea moss is usually sold dried and has to be washed, soaked, and blended into a gel before use. Luckily, we offer sea moss gel as an add on to our smoothies now offer to go jars so you can take it home and add it to your own recipes! It is also a great thickening ingredient and a healthier alternative. It is important to note that although sea moss offers amazing benefits it is important to research where it has been sourced to ensure you are buying the best quality.

Recipe: Blend 1-2 heaping Tb of sea moss gel in 8-16 oz coconut water or into your favorite smoothie without compromising flavor… only maximizing nutrition!