In order to avoid contamination it is very important to remember to wash all of your produce well.  Below are some simple tips you can use to properly wash your produce.

  1. wash your hands thoroughly before and after handling produce
  2. wash all surfaces (including cutting boards and counters) and knives
  3. wash all produce before cutting to avoid transferring to flesh
  4. smooth skin produce should be washed by hand
  5. rough or firm produce can be washed using a scrub brush
  6. spray a 1:3 vinegar to water mixture on your produce, wait 30 seconds, then rinse under cold water using hands for smooth skin produce and a vegetable scrub for firmer produce.
  7. Note: Cleaning produce with vinegar helps kill bacteria which helps ensure your fruits and vegetables are safe for consumption. [Source]
  8. try using food grade (3%) Hydrogen Peroxide (Add 1/4 cup of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide into a gallon of cold water. Soak light/thin vegetables (Lettuce, etc.) for 20 minutes. For thicker skinned vegetables (like Cucumbers) for 30 minutes. Drain and dry (they’ll keep longer). [Source]