By Morgan Potts

Kheer is an Indian style rice pudding that is simple, sweet and delicious. It is one of my favorite desserts, and it’s also something I love to eat for breakfast. And it really only takes about 5 minutes to make!

Traditionally Kheer is made with cow’s milk, but we are going to use coconut milk. So this kheer is suitable for vegans, and doesn’t have any of the undesirable impurities most available sources of dairy have. My recipe also includes brown Basmati rice, instead of the usual white Basmati rice, so it is a wonderful source of fiber, B vitamins and energy!!

No sugar blues after this sweet moment!

The other wonderful thing about this recipe is that I always use rice I have leftover from dinners during the week. Cook once, eat twice! I think it is always a great idea to cook enough rice to use throughout the week for whatever you please, or at least enough for another meal, and this is the perfect way to use some of it up!


– 3 Cups cooked brown Basmati rice*

– 1/3 Cup (up to ½ cup as desired) coconut sugar. (This is a low glycemic sweetener made from the flowers of the coconut tree and can be used just like sugar in any recipe).

– 2 Teaspoons crushed cardamom seeds. (I use a mortar and pestle to crush them. It’s okay if they are still course, but crushing releases the aroma and flavor of the seeds).

– 1 Teaspoon pure vanilla extract.

– 3 Cups coconut milk. (If you want your pudding a little less thick, feel free to use just one 16oz can of coconut milk and one cup of water).

– ¼ Cup chopped or slivered almonds.

– ¼ Cup raisins (optional).

– A pinch of salt and a few strands of saffron if you have it!


Add all the ingredients to a pot, and turn on the stove to medium heat.

Stir well and allow everything to soak in the warmth, and blend together.

Once it is warm or hot, and the flavors have soaked in, your kheer is done! This usually takes between 5 and 8 minutes. Give it a taste, and once it’s perfect, turn off the heat.

You can eat it warm or cold, to your liking. It is really quite divine!


Enjoy this lovely treat.