Green Power Maximizes Nutritional Value of Your Juice

According to the independent nutritional tests, the Green Power Juicer with its Exclusive Heavy Duty Twin Gear juicing system which incorporates magnetic and Far Infared technology, gives the maximum benefits and nutritional value to its users by producing juices with:

     1. the lowest temperature.*
2. the slowest oxidation and fermentation process.*
3. the lowest DNA, enzymatic and mineral degeneration.*
4. the lowest bacteria proliferation.*
5. the most overall stability.*
6. the highest mineral content.**
7. the highest alkalinity.*
8. the most enhanced bioavailability.*
9. the greatest concentration of oxygen present.*
10. the sweetest and the most delightful taste.*
* 72 Hour Fresh Juice Stability Study by BioLogical Research
** Green Juice Test Result by Anamol Laboratories, LTD.