1. ONE ounce of wheatgrass juice equals   TWO pounds of produce nutritionally!
  2. Wheatgrass contains up to 70%       chlorophyll, an important blood  builder.   Chlorophyll neutralizes toxins in the     body, helps purify the liver, improves blood   sugar problems, and is antibacterial.
  3. Wheatgrass contains a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals, including the thirteen essential ones, combined with dozens of trace elements and enzymes.
  4. Wheatgrass is an effective healer because it contains all minerals known to man, and vitamins A, B-complex, C, E, l and K. It is extremely rich in protein, and contains 17 amino acids, the building blocks of protein.
  5. Wheatgrass is used for increasing production of hemoglobin, the protein molecule in red blood cells that carries oxygen;  improving wound healing and skin problems such as eczema or psoriasis.
  6. Wheatgrass improves digestion and is great for constipation and keeping the bowels open because it is high in magnesium.
  7. Wheatgrass reduces high blood pressure by enhancing the capillaries and helps lower cholesterol by blocking its absorption.
  8. Wheatgrass helps remove heavy metals from the body.
  9. Wheatgrass helps prevent tooth decay.
  10. Wheatgrass is gluten-free because it’s cut before the grain forms.

50 Reasons to drink wheatgrass everyday.

Hippocrates Health Institute